This simple trick allows you to save up to 50% on AliExpress

If you’ve bought on AliExpress, you will have noticed the amount of coupons and discounts available to us: direct discount, seller’s coupon, X% discounts for buying 2 or more units, promotional codes, selection coupon…

Don’t you also get confused about what each one does and ask yourself if they can be combined?

Well, we’re going to tell you a couple of interesting pointers about AliExpress coupons that will surprise you and can help you save a lot more on your purchases.

Most are cumulative

There are currently six types of coupons and discounts on AliExpress, and contrary to other stores, most are cumulative.

This means that you can combine various types of coupons when buying a product, for example:

    • 5% for buying two or more units
    • A sellers coupon of 1.77€ for spending 13.28€ or more
    • A select coupon of 2.64€ for every 8.80€ spent

All of them can be used at once without any problem.

In fact the only two types of coupons that are incompatible with each other are “promo codes” and “AliExpress coupons”.

AliExpress does not always recommend the best ones

Let’s say you’re buying a 60€ watch and AliExpress offers you a 1.80€ retailer’s coupon for spending more than 10€.

At first glance it seems intelligent to apply the coupon, doesn’t it? Instead of 60€, the watch will end up costing you 58.20€.

Well, that’s not always the case: it may be that at the same time there is a £6 selection coupon for a minimum expenditure of 60€, and by claiming the 1.80€ coupon you lose the chance to save 6€.

Coupons and discounts are calculated according to a specific hierarchy, and sometimes it’s wiser to give up the first coupon if the second one provides you with a greater saving.

The solution to never make a mistake

As you can see, taking into account all the conditions of each type of discount and finding out how to combine them correctly is very complicated.

Due to this, some AliExpress buyers with programming skills got together and decided to create a Chrome extension called AliCoupons.

At first it was a private tool, but we published it in the Chrome Store and it turned out to be a success: right now it has almost 35,000 downloads and an average of 4.9 stars out of 5.

In fact, we are thinking of starting to charge a subscription for it, so if you are interested I recommend you to install it as soon as possible to make sure you can reap its benefits for free forever.

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